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Your Brain and 9 Systems: Equal the Physio-Economics of God Divine Knowledge of God-Self (vol. one): Abdul Wahid Muhammad, Rasheed L. Muhammad

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Although our progenitors did leave many great designs, signs and knowledge around the planet, knowledge of self actually begins with the study of our internal biological self. After realizing this knowledge, it leaves no doubt about our innate relationship with God—the Creator of the biological and physiological Self of man and woman.

Our entire being is wrapped up in Physio-Economics of God! When one seeks understanding about our brain; the 9 systems, the physio-economics of God; and self-knowledge therein is your and my true relationship with the real house of God—the sum total of our being alive. Therefore, the being that we are must be managed like rules of a household. What do we mean by this? First let’s look at The Brain.

The brain is the center of the nervous system. By definition it is created to ensure that our other 9 involuntary systems carry out methods, procedures and routines specific to performance. Second, let’s look at the word System. By definition, system is an organized, purposeful structure that consists of interrelated and interdependent elements or members.

These elements continually influence one another (directly or indirectly) to maintain their activity and the existence of the system, in order to achieve the goal of the system. Third, the Self is an individual’s uploaded or downloaded reflective consciousness gathered from outside societal influences or live DNA traits passed down from previous generations.

Fourth, Physio in its origin is Greek physio - combining form of phýsis – origin or form, and natural order. And lastly, Economics comes from the Ancient Greek "management of a household, administration") Let us get our divine house in order.

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