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Your Brain and 9 Systems: Equal the Physio-Economics of God Divine Knowledge of God-Self (Vol. One)

Your Brain and 9 Systems: Equal the Physio-Economics of God Divine Knowledge of God-Self (Vol. One)

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Although our progenitors left many great designs, signs, and knowledge around the planet earth to show forth their greatness, the greatest knowledge to grasp is the knowledge of our internal biological self for this type of knowledge peers into God’s own creation.

The knowledge of one’s internal self leaves no doubt about our innate relationship with God—the Self Creator of the biological and physiological Self of man and woman.

Therefore, this book Your Brain and 9 Systems Is Physio Economics: Knowledge of God Self attempts to compare nine key human systems with nine governmental functions that can be exemplified as a basis for community and economic development.

For instance, our book compares the Brain (which is the 10th system) as the center of the human nervous system. By all means, if we were to extend the Brains' functionality to that of how a communities spiritual center’ should function, perhaps then humanity may become most thoughtful, exercise higher levels of self-control, and physiologically balance in accordance with an almost infinite purpose like the Brains functionality.

The other nine systems that is the Circulatory system, Endocrine system, Immune system, Nervous system, Respiratory system, Skeletal System, Muscular System, Digestive System and Respiratory System, we have been treated in similarly.

With respect to each of these other Human systems, you will discover how they also have a functionality that can be extended into how a community, a nation and government will enjoy unlimited progress. Read more

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