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The God Tribe of Shabazz - The True History

The God Tribe of Shabazz - The True History

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The history of the God Tribe of Shabazz is one of the most elusive subjects of the Supreme Wisdom as taught by Messenger Elijah Muhammad, partly because it is spread out over so much time, in so many lectures, and in so many different articles.

The Tribe of Shabazz is not simply the offspring of a group of people who were the product of a disgruntled scientist who went into Africa to prove that He could “make a people that could withstand anything,” but a continuum of a vein of expression characteristic of how we as black people, who when in our natural mind did things that were still superior to the best minds of mankind today.

We are so far from what is actually natural for the Blackman, that we think that the trial and error mode of operating of this civilization today is brilliance; when in fact, the incidental actions of the Original Blackman are considered SUPERNATURAL by today’s standards.

The Messenger of Allah, Elijah Muhammad, delves so far into the most profound depths of wisdom when sharing with us what our God, in person, Master Fard Muhammad, had revealed, it makes you wonder about who is out there dormant and simply waiting to hear that particular word, sentence, paragraph or perspective that will make the light in or above their heads illuminate with Allah’s voice communicating with them. In other words, it’s not necessary to be minding Facebook, Twitter or Google+, etc., for revelation. It’s being handed to you here. Read more

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