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GET The Right ONE On ONE Conflict Resolution WE ALL NEED NOW!

GET The Right ONE On ONE Conflict Resolution WE ALL NEED NOW!

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By Booking This One On One Consultation, You agree to the terms of $35.99 per half hour with a 1-hour minimum. Additional time can be added per half hour based on the above price.

Your privacy is our TOP PRIORITY and ALL INFORMATION WILL BE HELD IN STRICT CONFIDENCE GOVERNED BY The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) is a federal law that required the creation of national standards to protect sensitive patient health information from being disclosed without the patient's consent or knowledge. LEARN MORE about The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 CLICK Here


About Student Brother Melvin Muhammad

Behavioral Health Family Support and Visitation Specialist

A Founding Member of The TEN K FEARLESS MEN & WOMEN of OMAHA LLC.


"My name is Student brother Melvin Muhammad, I am a member of The Nation of Islam under the tutelage of The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.

I believe Self Improvement is The basis of Our OWN Community Development  & much-needed Economic Improvements.  I am simply here to help."


Professional Profile

  • 24+ Years Experience Martial Arts Student and Instructor l0K Fearless Men and women of Omaha, Ne, LLC.
  • 05 Years' Experience Banking Personal Banking and Customer Service
  • 14+ years of experience in assuring, Coordinating, and providing client services across the healthcare continuum.
  • Comprehensive Federally Qualified Joint Commission Community Health Care Center -2 years, Multisite System
  • Experienced in Q.I/P. I Program Development within clinical and residential organizations seeking upstart or improved 


  • Experienced with T.J.C. & C.M.S. Conditions for Federally Qualified Health Care Centers (Q.H.C.) and Survey
  • E.H.R. knowledgeable; involved in upstart implementations -Next Gen Model, Microsoft Products, as well as Therap.Net.
  • Experienced Behavioral Health and social worker; experienced in clinical and residential case management.
  • Management of Clinic-wide quality initiatives, resources management programs, quality monitoring, and benchmarking based on Self Improvement The Basis of Community & Economic Development, under The Tutelage of The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan

Federal and State Regulatory Standards

  • Experience working with the Board of Directors and Total Quality Management Subcommittees
  • Innovative special project coordinator experienced in Team Coaching Methodology

Areas of Expertise

  • Medical Policy and Procedures
  • Medicare C.M. S. Survey
  • Joint Commission Sunny
  • On-site O.S.H.A. Safety Lead
  • Total Quality Management -Board Subunit.
  • Contract Interpretation and Reimbursement
  • Clinical Chart Protocol-Based Audit
  • Biostatistics Tracking and analysis
  • Healthcare Diversity Specialist and Educator
  • Residential Treatment and Care Plan Development
  • Health Educator
  • Medical Staff and Board Reporting
  • Public S.T.I. Medications Assistance 

  • State S.T.I. Educator and Reporting

  • Operational Process Analysis

  • Bio-preparedness Educator & Team Lead

  • Clinic Flow and Staffing

  • Annual Employee Education

  • Skilled Crisis Intervention Trainer

  •  Skilled Workplace Violence Behavior Coaching

Professional Experience
  • Capstone Behavioral Health

    Family Support and Visitation Specialist for Douglas County, 2022

    Responsibilities and Duties:

    • Provide home-based services, education, and support to families
    • Deliver parent coaching services and ensure it is implemented
    • Assist families with household management and emotional/behavioral regulation
    • Implement and follow the IFP Intervention plan written by a therapist
    • Follow mandatory reporting laws
    • Provide written or oral communication with the referral source on a consistent basis

Behavioral Health Modification Facilitation utilizing Shaolin Ch’uan Fa Kung Fu. Instructor for Men, Women, and children of various ages.

This art has a belt system. Students are their Belts based upon the ability to learn and internalize

"The Five Principles of Conduct"

The power of Intent/Intention. The School and Instructors teach and model these skill sets: Focus, Teamwork, Self Control, Balance,

Memory, Discipline, Fitness Coordination, and Respect.


Muhammad University of Islam -Secretary College Diploma 2017

First Degree Black Belt Martial Arts Shaolin Tempo, 2010

Minnesota Humanities Center

Reconstructing Curriculum, Spring 2013

Minnesota Humanities Center

Constructing the Innocent Classroom, Spring 2013

2002-2003 Alameda University, Boise, Idaho, Bachelor of Arts Degree, Social Work

1981 -1983 Denver University, Denver, Colorado, Banking and Finance

1972-1973 U.S. Air Force, Biloxi, Mississippi, Business Administration

1968-1972 Omaha Central High School, Omaha, Nebraska


The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad asked:

Do We Have The Qualified Men and Women for Self-Government?

His answer is:

"YES! We do not have to be equal in knowledge with every nation to be successful in operating our own government."

"We have enough technicians, such as mathematicians, construction engineers, civil engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, physicists, chemists, educators, agriculturists, navigators, and astronauts, among the 22 million or more of us.

You will find scholars or scientists whom we can use in every branch of government; then there are our own independent people outside this country who would be glad to help us get going in a country or state for ourselves"

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