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Whole Sale Starter Kit for internal GRATITUDE Oils for Men and Women

Whole Sale Starter Kit for internal GRATITUDE Oils for Men and Women

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Wholesale Package

Welcome to the Team!

Being sold in large quantities to be retailed by others. That's what it means to buy wholesale. And today we are offering you a groundbreaking opportunity to earn thousands of dollars per month, which you may need right now.

From The Minds of Student Brother Jabril Chris Muhammad's family. Comes our oil fragrance, with a soft but engaging aroma of Pure Admiration mixed with vitamin E and BACK BY THE POWER of Black Seed Oil. It is designed for men & women with the quality of being thankful. The readiness to show appreciation for others. And The willingness to return kindness. From our central thinking sources, we must extract the changes we want to see, into tangible results.

Why Black Seed Oil?

For millions of years, Black people have used black seed oil for its healing properties. Black seed oil is offered at many health stores and internet stores in both liquid and pill form. But before using black seed oil, a person should always consult a physician, and they should select 100% pure, therapeutic-grade, USDA-certified organic black seed oil. Herbs and supplements must be carefully chosen because the FDA does not oversee their quality and purity. 

Many believe that just the anointing of sick people with oils can help heal them. Be Oils can give comfort, peace, courage, and even the forgiveness of sins. We live in a SIN-SICK world. If you agree, then maybe anointing your body with our oils can help. You may read more about the benefits of Black Seed Oil by purchasing our e-book here.

How does our wholesale opportunity work?

Wholesaling is the act of selling our products in bulk to you, as a retailer, at a discount, then you sell our products to customers at a higher price. 

What steps to take?

  1. Place your order
  2. Realize the value of cooperation and teamwork (activities).
  3. Combine your financial and physical resources.
  4. Eliminate unwarranted criticism of everything that is run or owned by people in your families and in your communities.
  5. Recognize that jealousy damages from the inside out.
  6. Pay close attention to how the surrounding Businesses around you do things. They are prosperous.  You want to be prosperous. They offer no justifications for their mistakes.  You learn from their mistakes and your own mistakes, He puts in a lot of effort together. As You fall into line, everything around you will fall in line too.

How to sell ?

What are some techniques for selling?
  1. Completely understand the product you're selling.
  2. Know your market and who will buy your product.
  3. Position the product as a solution to a problem or make something easier.
  4. Make your customer comfortable with you as a seller.
  5. Show first, then sell.
  6. Don't talk down to your audience.

What do we provide you with?

  1. 144 Bottles 1/3 oz 10ml Clear Glass Roll on W/ Cap & Roller
  2. Labeling
  3. Filled Oil Bottles with our customized scents
  4. Printable Marketing Material
  5. Access to FREE ONLINE TRAINING to help educate you on areas of business, marketing, entrepreneurship, and more.

How to earn?

Our Brand is in a class of its own. Many will imitate it. But none can duplicate this. Why? Because they were not given the vision for this that we were given. "Where there is No Vision, The people will perish. And surely we should want to be among those who are persistent and will never perish.


We sell our 1/3 oz 10ml Clear Glass Roll on W/ Cap & Roller for 6.99 each. One case produces $1006.56 minus the cost of doing business. If one person chooses to purchase and sell 25 cases in one month. At just 6.99 each, this would net $25,164.00 minus the cost of doing business.

In 12 months, one person can earn $301, 968.00 + And that is just off of one oil fragrance. In one year, you can reposition yourself from ground zero to a six-figure income. If you remain AS A GOOD STUDENT and never become a no-it-all. Good students learn all they can and more. No -it- all people stay stagnant.  Remember, a man or woman who knows nothing simply can never grow anything. 

So stop waiting on opportunities to fall out of the sky. Here is something sound, while we are on top of the ground, that will keep on giving, all year round. 

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