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Native American Herbalist's Bible: 12 Books in 1: Discover 400+ Herbal Remedies And Medicinal Herbs To Naturally Improve Your Wellness. Create Your Own Herbal Dispensatory And Apothecary Table

Native American Herbalist's Bible: 12 Books in 1: Discover 400+ Herbal Remedies And Medicinal Herbs To Naturally Improve Your Wellness. Create Your Own Herbal Dispensatory And Apothecary Table

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Are you looking for a modern, practical guide to traditional Native American herbalism to reduce the intensive use of conventional medications and increase your longevity, vitality, and quality of life and that of your loved ones? Do you want to learn how to use alternative, effective, and easily accessible treatments to address many of the most common health problems?

If so, keep reading, so you don't miss the opportunity to learn how to treat yourself naturally and become a skilled herbalist by building your first herbal laboratory at home! You're about to learn all the secrets that Native Americans have retained and passed down for generations about how to heal themselves by utilizing what nature offers while living in harmony with their surroundings.

Although they can't wholly replace medical treatment, herbs offer healing solutions for many common problems such as allergies, fatigue, stress, hypertension, headaches, and many other ailments that are also age-related. Rather than looking for various medications to get rid of an annoying nuisance, all you need is the right blend of herbs!

Leonie Hicks took inspiration from her Achomawi roots and her experience as a herbalist and naturopath to put together this in-depth and all-encompassing 12 BOOKS IN 1 BUNDLE, through which you will discover ancient Native American herbal remedies without getting caught up in misinformation and exaggerated claims!

Inside these 12 books, you will find:

  • Learn about Native Americans' relationship with nature and the history of Native American medicine.
  • The complete history of Native American medicinal herbs is presented in a modern way.
  • Learn the basics of Herbal Medicine to improve your health through the use of healthy and natural substances.
  • Discover the ancient and forgotten methods of growing herbs and start collecting your own all-natural medicines, thus eliminating the need for taking artificial medicines.
  • Learn how to make your Herbal Apothecary and grow herbs in the kitchen, following Native American traditions.
  • MEDICINAL HERBS: a compilation of the most commonly used wild herbs that you can probably locate around your home and used to prepare preparations and heal your body naturally and safely.
  • MEDICINAL PLANTS: 100 profiles of wild plants and herbs you can find in nature or grow at home, complete with illustrations so you can quickly and easily recognize them.
  • NATIVE AMERICAN HERBAL RECIPES VOL I & II: Over 200 herbal recipes that you can prepare yourself and that will have a massive impact on your longevity and energy levels.
  • ESSENTIAL OILS: How to prepare authentic herbal essential oils that will visibly improve your skin and effectively reduce inflammation in your body (because you deserve to look and feel better)
  • NATIVE AMERICAN HERBAL REMEDIES VOL I & II: Over 100 great herbal remedies that will help you effectively address a huge range of symptoms and causes of disease.
  • NATIVE AMERICAN HERBAL REMEDIES FOR YOUR CHILD’S HEALTH: 40 Native American preventive and healing remedies suitable for children ages 0-12 and up! The Native American Herbalist's Bible offers all these benefits in one book, so you can get back to living a full life of health without having to sacrifice your well-being, and energy and empty your pockets anymore!
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