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Native American Herbalist’s Bible - 14 Books in 1: 500+ Ancient Herbal Remedies to Improve Your Wellness Naturally. Create Your Own Herbal Dispensatory and Unleash the Secret Power of Plants

Native American Herbalist’s Bible - 14 Books in 1: 500+ Ancient Herbal Remedies to Improve Your Wellness Naturally. Create Your Own Herbal Dispensatory and Unleash the Secret Power of Plants

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2000+ copies sold!  New and Improved Edition with 14 Entire Volumes of Knowledge⭐BONUS: Exclusive Access to Herbalism Course Are the most aggressive artificial drugs robbing your body of its vitality?

Discover how to abandon chemical medicine and all its side effects thanks to the effective remedies handed down from our ancestors. It has been widely proven that chemical drugs can't solve problems without creating more. How many times has this happened to you already?

You are about to discover the authentic and natural Native medicine that pharmaceutical companies do not want you to know! With the most comprehensive guide you can find, you'll learn all the remedies my ancestors used to heal themselves for hundreds of years, but modern society has almost forgotten about them.

Here is what you will find in the 14 volumes of this guide:

  • Secrets of Sacred Medicine –
  • Join the ancient knowledge of natural medicine and discover how Native Americans channel the power of herbs to heal body and spirit safely, effectively, and naturally.
  • The Herbalist's Encyclopedia 
  • Learn to recognize 60+ herbs through detailed descriptions and hand-drawn drawings that will let you know when you can use them, how, and what incredible benefits they hold. 
  • Powerful Essential Oils –
  • Essential oils pack all the healing energy of plants into just a few drops, making them must-haves in your home pharmacy. (the most effective essential oil for Headaches is on page 95)
  • Ancient Herbal Remedies –
  • 111 Recipes to create effective remedies for everyday ailments (such as Acne, Cold, Fatigue, Sores, and Pain). You can enjoy your days again without the annoying side effects of traditional medicines. 
  • Herbal Remedies for Kids 
  • Natural medicine is safe for everyone. Try herbs and remedies specifically crafted to solve even the problems that, until now, drugs have not been able to handle permanently.
  • How to create a Medicinal Garden 
  • How to grow, harvest, and store medicinal herbs. You'll know exactly how to set up a pharmacy garden thanks to detailed explanations and the results of years of research and heritage.
  • Foraging Wild Edible Plants of Native Americans 
  • All the secrets to mastering the skill of seeking, gathering, and storing edible plants while enjoying all of their qualities, according to native traditions and helpful advice. 
  • Native American Stones & Crystals for Healing
  • You will discover how to unleash and use the powerful force hidden in energy crystals that will provide relief from your troublesome ailments and increase your mental and physical well-being.
  • Native American Spirituality 
  • The foundation on which the natives based their culture and traditions. To really comprehend their methods and natural medicine, you need to understand the roots of the spirituality that guided them.
  • Rosemary, Basil & Mint Recipes 
  • They may look like plants you use daily and have nothing special, but they actually contain healing powers you can't imagine.

You'll also get an incredible BONUS:

  • Exclusive access to the most valuable and up-to-date online course in herbalism with which you can complete your knowledge and start growing a real apothecary in your home!
  • It's time to get back in touch with your roots and free yourself from ineffective Western medicine by creating your natural remedies.

Click "Buy Now" and discover original Native American healing!

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