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GOD BY NATURE Men's Leather Chunky Boots

GOD BY NATURE Men's Leather Chunky Boots

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THE BLACK MAN IS GOD, AND THE BLACK WOMAN IS GOD. I don't say this just as an uplifting strategy, I say it as the Truth that I am beginning to understand. It is True that we ourselves are gods. Allah (God) has created us in his image and in his likeness.

He created you as an extension of himself, a ruler of his Earth. Do you believe it? As we are today, are we walking in our godly nature? Are we who we were naturally intended to be? Here's how you know your nature.

When you do wrong, no matter how small the wrong, a voice in your head questions that wrong and whether you should do it. That is your nature speaking to you, and the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has taught me to never kill that spirit! You are killing God inside of you.

"You know you are beginning to come to life when the self-accusing spirit begins to nag you when you do that which is not right." - Minister Farrakhan

* Eco-friendly and 100% vegan leather and rubber sole on chunky boots

* Constructed a rounded toe with high-quality EVA foamed insole

* Real stitch on the outsole for style & durability with steel shank

* Soft mesh fabric and foamed lining and lace-up closure for a snug fit

* Waterproof, anti-heat, anti-moisture, comfortable and fashion 

* Classic and casual style that will fit with all your favorite outfits

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