How To ADVANCE from Horrible Conditions

How To ADVANCE from Horrible Conditions

Do you Want to ADVANCE from the current conditions of your life?


The Black man & The Black Woman, in America, are often pictured by the slave-master as a lazy and trifling people who are without thoughts of advancement.


“ I say, this is a condition which the slave-master very cleverly
wanted and created within and among the so-called Negroes.”
- by The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad Message to the Black Man, Chapter 22 

Again, we ask, DO YOU WANT TO ADVANCE from this current conditions?

The ‘old’ world has become too limited for who you have become on your journey. WE MUST Keep going and keep growing. Your view on the world will keep opening up. You should want to see 360 degrees, instead of the tunnel focus that you had before.

This is your opportunity to reset and realign yourself with deeper joy and fulfillment in life; to actually re-imagine and redesign what you want your world to look like.


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