Do you want to  build a better business of your own?

Do you want to build a better business of your own?


Review The Purpose of Education by The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan Here


Is your job cutting back on your hours? Do you want to learn how to make our products & services  create better sales?

Do you want to learn what goes into making your business better? Are you an about to graduate high school and can not afford to go to college or grade school? Maybe it's time to learn something better? 

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What can tuition fees cost you in 2022 and Beyond? 

According to the Founder and MBA Admissions Consultant at F1GMAT. :

With the economy as bad as it is, many can not afford to pay for HIGHER LEARNING from tradition colleges.

Learning Should Never Be about BIG COSTS. Learning Is About Engaging Yourself as Learner

e-learning has revolutionized education in both schools and businesses, allowing students and employees to learn at their own pace in a comfortable atmosphere. When it comes to the transmission of learning materials, it's apparent that e-learning will play a significant role in the future of education.

We have found a way to help you learn everything you need to know about how to create a real business.


What is a society? And Why Is Business Important To Society?

A society is a group of individuals involved in persistent social interaction, or a large social group sharing the same spatial or social territory, typically subject to the same political authority and dominant cultural expectations. That means where you live. And if the businesses where you live are not benefiting you and your family like they should be. Maybe it is time we change that together?

To understand how society works, we need to take a close look at the role and importance of business in society.

Businesses have a significant impact on culture and society at large. They not only occupy the majority of people's time, but they also contribute to crucial technological developments and innovations.

In truth, if it weren't for businesses, society wouldn't really exist as you know it.
The advantages and opportunities they offer are essential to how the world is perceived. It offers those who are visionaries and forward-thinkers a place to realize their ideals. But Why not learn how to make a better business you can call your own?

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Why learn how to make a better business within your own community?

Businesses thrive on excited and motivated employees reaching for a common goal. But does their common goal benefit you and your family like it does the owners of those benefits?

When is the last time a local  Chinese restaurant offered anything to help you and your family live better lives?  When is the last time all the business in our communities got together and said, let's help the young people in our community learn how to acquire  an education that will benefit you and your family?

Let's look at some actual facts

Why are many black children in particular unwilling to further their education in college?

It cost too much, that's why? Higher education is expensive, and with the current financial aid becoming more like a ball of chain dragging students through mountains of debt, we are forced to give higher learning a second look: Is college worth it? And more and more students seem to be saying that it isn’t. According to FINANCE online who did a data & analysis on 52 Statistics & Reasons Not to Go to College, they say:

College tuition costs have climbed by 1,375 percent since 1978. (, 2021). The expense of higher education is a major consideration, even though it may not be the only one, and is frequently cited as a justification for not attending college. Instead of pursuing a degree that would cost them thousands of dollars, many would prefer to pursue career options.

In addition to the economy, the COVID-19 pandemic has had a negative impact on college enrollment. Concern over the pandemic has caused a change in student attitudes, which has been discovered.

They also say:

  • 15% of students in two-year institutions plan to take more classes, while 20% plan to take fewer classes. (Inside Higher Ed, 2020)
  • 7% of students in four-year institutions plan to take more classes, while 8% plan to take fewer classes. (Inside Higher Ed, 2020)
  • 23% of college students report changes in their employment due to the pandemic. (Inside Higher Ed, 2020)
  • 27% of low-income students are likely to say that the pandemic has impacted a household member’s decision to enroll. (Inside Higher Ed, 2020)
  • 2.5% – the decline in undergraduate student enrollment in 2020. (Student Clearing House, 2020)
  • 1.8% – the decline in postsecondary enrollment as a whole in 2020. (Student Clearing House, 2020)
  • 16.1% – the decrease in the number of freshmen enrolled. (Student Clearing House, 2020)
  • A 22.7% decline in community college enrollment has also been observed. (Student Clearing House, 2020)
  • Of the total decrease in undergraduate enrollment, freshmen account for 69%. (Student Clearing House, 2020)
  • 51% of adults in the US believe that college education is important, compared to 70% in 2013 (Gallup, 2019).
  • Only about 35% of the US population, aged 25 and older, have a college degree or higher in 2018 (US Census Bureau, 2019).
  • 23% of respondents cite that they can’t afford college (HuffPost, 2017).
  • 16% of respondents don’t go to college because they already have a good job (HuffPost, 2017)

This is why a new way to learn must be ushered into the lives of those who need it the most but just can not afford it.  

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how much do us students owe?

What should the goals of real education be for us?

The goal of education is to properly develop a person's strengths and talents through the pursuit of knowledge. Knowledge satisfies our innate desire to learn things that will unite us with our Creator. By advancing our understanding of our reason for being, which is to reflect Allah, true education cultivates the whole person, including the mind, body, and soul (God).

After self-cultivation, the second goal of education is to teach us how to properly serve ourselves, our families, our communities, our countries, and ultimately the rest of the world. Are you ready to learn how to do that?

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ENROLL in our ONLINE Course How to Handle Our Business Better Here

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