The Truth is More than A T Shirt. The Truth is about living in-accord to the nature of our existence. In fact, The TRUTH about anything is all bad by it's self so why lie?

We offer this collection to all who refuse to live the lies that do not benefit us at all. The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan said:

"You are a generation that is born from ancestors that came through the roughest of times, the hardest of trials, the depth of depravation. Our ancestors died longing for a generation that would come forth, that would not bend, would not bow, would not scratch when they did not itch, but stand tall. "

We ask that you stand tall wearing one of our designs as well. “I want you to hold on to the words ‘I can’t live without the truth,” The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.

Lets the Light of TRUTH come on in your life so all of us may see our way past The BREAKING of The Dawn. Thank you for viewing our designs. Please ORDER Today Or  Donate using CASH APP $SUPREMENDZ.

Your Donation will help spread the word of TRUTH and help build our own everything.

-Brother Chris Muhammad


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