The Latifah Wali Scholarship Fund – BE ORIGINAL WEAR

The Latifah Wali Scholarship Fund

The Latifah Wali Self Improvement Foundation is offering this commemorative design to help raise funds for The Latifah Wali Scholarship Fund.

Who was Latifah Wali?

Latifah Wali was a beautiful loving soul who graduated with High Honors in Business from Gateway Community College in New Haven, CT. She was an active Student leader on campus and served as a Vice President of GCC's Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) Honor Society.

Latifah, also served the student body as a Student worker in the College's Financial Aid office under the great leadership of the director Ms. Lavanda Bryant, She helped guide Students in their financial matters.

Everyone who knew Latifah knows she was all about business and financial literacy. In honor of her legacy and her love for helping others, the Estate of Latifah Wali and the Wali Family have established a scholarship fund in the name of our beloved Latifah.

What will the scholarship be used for?

For many well-deserving recipients—especially those facing financial hardship or balancing challenging work and family commitments while pursuing their education—these scholarships will mean the difference between staying in college, or leaving with the dream of education unfulfilled.

Where will your donation go?
When you purchase this item a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the scholarship fund on your behalf.