Collection: Stay ON THE ONE

STAY ON THE ONE. There is ONLY ONE GOD who originated himself and all we see from himself. He is The ONE that mastered all for all.  

The GREAT  James Brown's call to be "on the one" to his musicians.

“It’s however you feel, you just gotta fit it in that little space that you’ve got…. Once you got it, you can do anything you want to do with it! Just keep it on THE ONE!”

The Great James Brown told Bootsy Collins:

“Son, give me the one. You give me the one, you can do all those other things.” So, I started to understand: If I give you the one, I can do all these other crazy things.” 

James Brown was the one that told me: “Son, you need to give me the one.” He didn’t know the power of that. That changed my whole life. Once I learned where the one was at? It was on.”

The Great Miles Davis said:

"I have never felt this creative. I feel like the best is yet to come. Like Prince says when he’s talking about hitting the beat and getting to the music and the rhythm, I’m going to keep “getting up on the one,” brother, I’m just going to try to keep my music getting up on the one, getting up on the one every day I play. Getting up on the one. Later." 


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