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The Universal Saviours Help Tour is Arriving Now!

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The Fruit of Islam brothers of the Eastern Region took the streets of Newark, New Jersey for the Saviours' Tour 2022. This High Act of Love is what THE BLACK COMMUNITY NEEDS First!

"We acknowledge that the full totality of the resurrection work is multifaceted and requires economics, planning, and resources, however what you see here is just the tip of the iceberg. In our Ranks we have scholars, scientist, doctors, engineers, and developers. Our resources and power grows stronger by the day. But the resurrection in the community is the foundation and inception of the Kingdom of God EVERYONE seeks. Join us in Making Our Communities Safe and Decent Places to live! It doesn't matter what religion you have or what organization you are apart of." - Read More about this here

BE Original Wear founder Chris Muhammad says:

This is A REAL CALL 2 OUR DUTY. Our DUTY to Become Better Men & Women. But Most of all this is The UNIVERSAL CALL from God himself who came in The Person of Master Fard Muhammad. To come up out of what the wicked rulers of this world made out of us. Yes YES YES we got to get up off our ass and stop killing our selves and each other NOW! There ain't no grave that can hold the people of God Down Anymore! 

This is just one mans opinion. I believe this type of healing work needs to happen in every community on the earth. People need to know how to love God Self and each other again. Our self hate is what restricts us and keeps us hating everyone else for no good reason.

If you are interested in joining the Nation of Islam or call (773) 324-6000

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