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Is The Honorable Elijah Muhammad Right About The Fall of America?

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If the Honorable Elijah Muhammad is wrong about this subject, then you can dismiss this post as a bold face lie. But if what he shared with us in his books is The TRUTH. Then all who do not believe him are in deep trouble.

Review the video below for yourself. Then compare it with The Books by The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad. Find The TRUTH for Yourself. See for your self who is telling the TRUTH and who is telling a bold face lie. You may purchase the bools from The Final Call Store  using this link. Or you may purchase  it from the links we share below, where we will earn a small commission for or efforts to help reeducate the people who need it the most.


Is the Honorable Elijah Muhammad Right by Brother Chris Muhammad



The Fall of America By The Honorable Elijah Muhammad

This classic book truly resonates with everything that’s currently going on in this country.

From the presidency, congress, black community, racism, segregation, etc. This book is way ahead of its time.

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Message To The Blackman

Message to the Blackman In America

Message To The Blackman In America By Elijah Muhammad According to countless mainstream news organs, Elijah Muhammad, by far, was the most powerful black man in America. Known more for the students he produced, like Malcolm X, Louis Farrakhan and Muhammad Ali.

This is an easy and smart read. The book approaches the question of what and who is God. It compares the concept held by religions to nature and mathematics. It also explores the origin of the original man, mankind, devil, heaven and hell. Its title, Message To The Blackman, is directed to the American Blacks specifically, but addresses blacks universally as well. 

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Our Saviour has Arrived

Our Saviour Has Arrived By Elijah Muhammad This title addresses the creation of God, the New World, and what's referred to as the "metaphysical" side of Elijah Muhammad's teaching.

It eloquently delves into the subject of form and spirit in the simplest terms.

The relationship of Jesus, Joseph and Mary is given a critical analysis as it relates to blacks in America.

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