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Learn How To Make A Safe & Decent Place to Live: From Someone one who lives it NOW!

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Do you want to know how you can help make SAFE & DECENT Places to Live?

Then why not learn from those who live it right now? Here is one man who does. He goes by the name of Brother Student Minister Abdul Sharrieff Muhammad.

Who is this man? GREAT QUESTION our friend, and here is your answer:

He is Ambassador of Love who over the past 10 years, has spoken extensively throughout the United States and given seminars on the following subjects:

Male/Female Relationships

Keys to a Successful Marriage

The Damage of Verbal Abuse

Keys to Eliminating Domestic Violence

He is... a heavy weight champion in the fight to feed the  poor lost sheep. He operates a food pantry once a week. Under his leadership the food pantry has provided the community with over 500,000 pounds of food each year. In addition to the food pantry, People United for Change, feeds hot breakfast to the less fortunate every Sunday morning.  

He is a man helping to do the work of self improvement, community and economic development where ever he goes. Don't we need more people who know how to work like this in our communities? Do you want to find out how to STOP DOMESTIC VIOLENCE? Then why not learn about this and more from one who does it best?


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